Oh, it’s you.

Hi. Didn’t expect you here on such a night.

Come in, come in…

I’ll take your coat. Put your umbrella in the stand.

Tea? Coffee? Whiskey? Whatever you’d like.

Make yourself comfortable. I’ll put some more wood on the fire.

The red candles? Yes, they’re quite nice when the flame goes inside them.

Oh, this? A new blog I’m starting, dedicated to…well, I don’t want to label it.

Not sure really why, really. Just needed a separate place to write them.

Sleep? Sure, there’s a spare room down the stairs. Take a candle.

Yes, I locked the door. No, you can’t get out. There are no windows.

You have books. Plenty of them.

I’ll send down your food.

You shouldn’t have come here tonight.

I’m just getting started, my friend.

You’ll be here awhile.

Make yourself at home…

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