An Inheritance of Light

All I could think of was how beautiful you looked, even through the downpour.

Your stance so regal, dark-gowned, standing full height in the wind-tossed high grass

Your bearing, not defiant, but trusting that the power so rapidly bearing down upon you, dread and awful in its unpredictability when bequeathed to your forebears, would find no fault or make exceptions.

My heartbeat matched the shimmering rhythm of the thick, slashing rain seeking to smash through the window. I had to shield my eyes against the sizzling brightness of untethered lightning striking in several bolts, but I saw when it hit you.

I saw you fall, believing you dead, burned to a bloody pile of bone and ash to be swept away across the open field, the rushing wind scattering your remains like sand from a child’s fist.

Then I wept for you all through the wet, stormy night thinking your new power found fault in you after all and punished you for the crimes of your soul.


At first, the smoldering grass hid you from me.

When you finally emerged, walking toward me, unsteady as newborn fawn, the sight of you was terrible and beautiful, spellbinding and repulsive. I confess that fear and lust waltzed within me at the sight of you, rescued and resurrected, by a hand unseen yet not unfamiliar.

The dark, vengeful fallen one, swatted from Paradise like the very flies he commands, took pity on himself, raising you to be yet another useless minion to strike another feeble blow at his celestial conqueror.

Closer still, our eyes locked. There was sadness in your gaze, even through the iridescence of your glowing irises.

The field that newly took the trauma of your birthing, now tinged with the light of false dawn, gave the wet, charred grasses over to cold death as the morning dew drowned the rest of the small, clingy fires..

You walked back into a world that no longer knew you, and held me tight.

And in my weakness, I suffered the bite that transported me, and took the mark that condemned me to be with you to endure unbearable pain, knowing you were no longer who you were.

I wondered if together, in the inheritance of damnation’s light, we would we learn to love again.

In time?

For eternity?

Does it matter?

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