Oh, hi.

Thanks for stopping by. Come in, come in out of the rain.

Let me take your coat.

Sit, have some tea. Coffee? Whiskey?

Whatever you like.

Yes, it is dark in here. I think it suits the weather, don’t you?

I’ll put some more logs on the fire; you must be cold.

What’s that? Yes, it does feel good. You must be tired.

No, I don’t mind at all. By all means, spend the night.

Right this way… Yes, yes. We’ll talk in the morning.

There are some books on the nightstand; feel free to read as many stories

as you like. They’re a bit on the dark side too; some are even quite unsavory.

One must indulge one’s dark side, I think. Otherwise, how would we know what was good, right, and decent in this world.

We pretend we don’t care, but if not, why do we search so hard for other lives?

The candles are fresh. Yes, deep red is a rather odd choice, but it can be cheerful too when the fire lights it from inside.

I’ll leave the bottle here for you.

Rest well, my friend.

Pleasant dreams….